Mountain Breeze Az is a Studio Suite in our home in Yarnell, Arizona.

Your hosts
Jerry and Kurt Florman ...
We give our guests plenty of space. We're never very far away when you're here. (Yarnell is so small, we can't GET very far away!) If you need anything, we'll either get it for you, or, if you prefer, we'll tell you where you can find it yourself. We've lived in Yarnell for about 14 years, and know all of our small town's movers and shakers (your hostess is the honorary mayor!), so we can answer most of your questions.
     Jerry is a retired preschool teacher and a very talented artist in several different media. She is extremely active in the community, and is, in fact its Honorary Mayor!
     Kurt was an aeronautical engineer and an architectural CAD specialist, and retired as a cabinetry specialist. He is now a sometime publisher / editor / proofreader.
We'd like to invite you to Yarnell, Arizona, a very special, very small, unique community.
     We are off the beaten path, quiet, friendly, and sociable. An amazing amount of activity takes place here. If you have any special interests, you'll probably find them here if you stay long enough and get to know us.
     We have a Regional Community Center, art galleries, antique shops, some great places to eat, a dog sanctuary, yearly festivals and parties, weekly gatherings, and memorials.
     You can walk and/or drive around and simply explore. And, you can't get lost; if you think you are, just drive a little further and you'll be right back where you started!
     We hope you come and enjoy some time here, and rest in our beautiful suite.
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